Our aim is to promote and support beekeeping in Saffron Walden and the surrounding areas.



The division actively encourages new beekeepers and provides comprehensive advice and training, along with the support of many experienced beekeepers via a mentoring system.

For experienced beekeepers, the Saffron Walden Division provides mutual support, updates on techniques, access to equipment and on-going training opportunities.

Within this website you will find details on how to contact us, our forthcoming programme, future training, swarm control, newsletters.

 Whatever your reason for visiting this website, we look forward to hearing from you.

Divisional gatherings 


The Blog contains stories from members, reports from events and newsletters.

Do you think you have a swarm?


Please view this information on the BBKA swarm webpage to check it is a swarm of honeybees.

If you are confident that you have a swarm of honeybees and would like a beekeeper to remove them, then please scroll down to Step 3 on the BBKA swarm webpage and check the map for a local swarm collector.

Asian Hornets, Vespa velutina. 


Often called ‘the yellow legged hornet’ Asian Hornets are an invasive predator and could have a devastating impact on all pollinators, especially honeybees.

There have been a few Asian Hornet sightings in the UK over the last couple of years but, thankfully, they have been discovered and destroyed.

What to look out for

  • Vespa velutina queens are up to 30 mm in length; workers up to 25 mm (slightly smaller than the native European hornet Vespa crabro)

  • Mostly black body except for its 4th abdominal segment which is a yellow band located towards the rear

  • It has characteristic yellow legs which accounts for why it is often called the yellow legged hornet

  • Face is orange with two brownish red compound eyes  

  • Vespa velutina is a day flying species which, unlike the European hornet, ceases activity at dusk

Use this link to report an Asian Hornet Sighting 

BeeBase information on the Asian Hornet

Here is a map showing the Asian Honet Team 



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