May 24, 2015

About 40 people came to Charlotte's talk on Bee friendly flowers at Wellscourt last Sunday. John introduced the Meeting and told us something of the history of his house. I certainly had not realised that there was a connection with H.G.Wells and there is a description of Wellscourt on pages 30 - 33 of "Mr Britling sees it through" (1916). In fact this book gives us an insight into life in our area at the outset of the First World War.

Back to the Meeting, not only was Charlotte's talk fascinating (It will be on the web site as soon as we have sorted the site out) but the cream tea afterwards was superb. Thanks to everyone involved for what was an excellent, informative and tasty afternoon.

May 1, 2015

Organic Beekeeping

My personal motivation for offering this particular Bee-lines piece arises from my interest in food and agriculture. For some years I have been interested, read widely and studied issues related to national and International food production, nutrition and the problems encountered by the overfed and undernourished in our world. As a chemist and environmentalist I have worried about agrochemicals and loss of biodiversity for six decades. So naturally at various times my interest has been aroused by the organic food movement. I make no claims about being a convert but I try to shop and eat with a raised awareness and take my opportunities where and when I can.

So as a beekeeper who sells honey (in a good year), I always look at other peoples local offerings on the farm shop and deli shelves. I have wondered about organic honey and organic beekeeping – not with any intention of practising it myself –knowing how much effort goes into organic food production I imagined tha...

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