August 25, 2016

Feral Bees – what are they?
They are normal honeybees that at some point have swarmed and taken up residence in a hollow tree, a cavity wall, a chimney, a soffit or other amenable place. Amenable place meaning it is of suitable size (typically > 3 cubic feet / 80 litres), unaffected by overheating or ingress of water, preferably a few metres above ground. They may be the result of an earlier feral colony that swarmed. If the comments below are correct, then a feral colony that survives long enough to generate a swarm may be a rare thing. I spoke recently with a local beekeeper that was called to assist with an established wild colony that had left its home in an old tree in a public area.
What happens to feral colonies?
The following comment is an extract from The Kent Beekeepers’ website: From 1994 in South East England conditions have changed, there are thousands of colonies fewer, the Environment is adversely affected, an Asiatic mite, varroa destructor is here,...

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