March 22, 2017

I am writing this on the International Day of Forests.

Trees have always fascinated me. Their variety of form, their longevity, the way in which they give shape to our landscapes, particularly in the East of England where hills are modest, mountains are absent and throughout the year it is the trees that mark the season particularly in spring and autumn.

Trees have shaped our architecture, provided materials for much of our furniture and timber is often the ‘canvas’ for decorative carving.

Latterly we have become aware of the symbiosis between trees and mycorrhizal fungi, the complex underground network that physically connects trees with their offspring and their peers – and even between species. The role of trees in creating and supporting biodiversity is breathtaking. They do have a finite life span and need our care and attention.

While contemplating trees and watching my bees out and about in the spring weather I wondered if I could add anything to the familiar truth t...

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