April 24, 2017

Our bees and other pollinators and more widely, the animals and plants in our countryside know nothing of the June 2016 referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union. They don’t know that it took place nor the outcome, nor the ongoing ramifications, arguments, hopes and fears. Nonetheless there may be implications for wildlife and beekeepers.

The drivers of change will almost certainly be found in the interplay between:

  •  Changes to food and farming policy as the UK finds its way starting with the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and moving to something else of our own choosing

  • Environmental Regulation including responses to pollution and climate change

  • Farmer and landowner attitudes, fears and ambitions

  • Agricultural economics including cost of inputs such as fertilisers and pesticides due to world prices and UK exchange rate

  • Labour availability

  • Food policy and the power exerted by food manufacturers and supermarkets

  • Changes in th...

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