Bee Improvement for all

Somewhat different but equally absorbing was the ‘Bee Improvement for all’ day, lead by Roger Patterson at Sewards End.

Roger is a well known speaker and promoter of breeding better bees. He is based in Sussex and has worked through the divisional apiary to improve the local bee stock, with good temper being an absolute priority.

He and his dog gave 4 sessions working through the strategies to use, the criteria for good bees and the changes he has observed over his beekeeping life. Collaboration with others was strongly encouraged together with a willingness to be ruthless in grading and culling the less desirable queens.

If you haven’t heard him speak, keep an eye out for future events. You may not agree with him about everything but you will evaluate your own beekeeping and perhaps plan how you will change your own practice.

As usual, Sally had refreshments under control, the biscuits (chosen by the strategy of picking the multi-buy deals) were well received and the use and reuse of degradedly paper cups was a definite success

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